Karla Urbach Schmidt

Karla runs a small one-woman based studio in a Rural Midcentral
Minnesota location. Surrounded by lakes and rolling fields… small
towns, family and good friends. She is often asked where a design’s
inspiration came from. “That’s a question that offers endless
answers.” she replied. “I’m surrounded by inspiration. Whether
its in the natural shape of a shadow on the ground or the organic
edging that caught my attention on a spot of dried spaghetti sauce on
my counter,” she laughed, “which lead to hours and hours in the
studio trying to recreate that look in silver. It took awhile but the
feeling of accomplishment when I finally figured it out can’t be put
into words.”

Her medium of choice is Sterling Silver although a hint of gold and
bits of leather work can also be found with her “KU” hallmark on
them. Art galleries and unique boutiques are her representation of
choice. She feels art shouldn’t be limited to display on the
wall…. It should also be worn, it should be unique and represent who
you are. You should feel good when you put it on. Turning a T-shirt
and Jeans outfit into an outfit that has a “style”, a unique look
because of the necklace in front of that plain ole’ T.